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Steady State IR Thermal Source IR-40, IR-41, IR-43

Infrared Source IR-4x Series

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  • One of the best Sellers due to its' stable performance
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Long Term Stability and Long Life
  • Thin Film Laser Trimmed
  • Does not require operation in a sealed atmosphere
  • Can be mounted on a circuit board, alternative mounting available


IR-40/IR-41 IR-43
Voltage, V 26.0 (AC or DC) 14.0 (AC or DC)
Temperature, ° C 500 600
Current, A 0.10 0.09
Power, W 2.5 1.3
Life (typical) > 25,000 hours at 500°C > 25,000 hours at 500°C
Emissivity, % 0.80 0.80
Active Area 4 mm X 3.5 mm 1.5 mm X 1.5 mm


IR-40 & IR-41 Emitter DiagramsIR-43 Emitter Diagram


This infrared source is a thermal emitter with an emissivity of ~80%. It is appropriate for use in laboratory or field instrumentation due to its long life and stable properties.

The IR-43 radiating element is an approximately 1.5 micron thin film of precision laser trimmed resistance material which is permanently bonded to a flat substrate of alumina. This contributes to a uniform radiating source and a stable platform. The thin film design results in a low mass of radiation material. The use of this radiating elements is suited for particular applications that do not required high temperature (up to 600 °C).

The stable performance of IR-43 makes it one of the best sellers. The unit is free standing on a TO-5 header. Without a directly connected mass to draw of heat, it is very responsive. The unit does not require operation in a sealed atmosphere. IR-43 operates at 600°C with 1.3 watts input.

The IR-40 unit is attached to a TO-5 header and the IR-41 unit is attached to TO-8 header with high temperature cement. The units do not require operation in a sealed atmosphere.


(other options / materials available upon request)

Type Size
Cap Cap / NoCap
Reflector Parabolic* / Elliptical
(*to achieve optical gain up to 14x)
0.5" (12.7 mm)
Window Transmitting Range (microns)
Sapphire 0.17 - 5.0
CaF2 0.15 - 9.0
ZnSe 0.55 - 20.0
AR Silicon 1.2 - 10.0

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Products # IR
Cap Header Reflector
Part #
IR-40NC IR-40 no TO-5
IR-40 IR-40 yes TO-5 available
IR-41NC IR-40K no TO-8
IR-41 IR-40 yes TO-8 available
IR-43NC IR-43 no TO-5
IR-43 IR-43 yes TO-5 available
IR-41-P-05 IR-40 TO-8 Parabolic 0.5" (12.7 mm) 0.646" (16.4 mm) IR-RMC483 available
IR-41-E-05 IR-40 TO-8 Elliptical 0.5" (12.7 mm) 0.646" (16.4 mm) IR-RMC484 available
IR-43-P-05 IR-43 TO-5 Parobolic 0.5" (12.7 mm) 0.646" (16.4 mm) IR-RMC485 available
IR-43-E-05 IR-43 TO-5 Elliptical 0.5" (12.7 mm) 0.646" (16.4 mm) IR-RMC486 available

* Please indicate Window type in your order.