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  • Electrically Modulated IR Thermal Sources IR-50, IR-60, IR-70, IR-80
  • Thermal Source Array
  • Steady State IR Thermal Source IR-21, IR-21V, IR-22, IR-22V, IR-21-P-1

Welcome to HawkEye Technologies - your source for infrared.

For 40 years HawkEye Technologies has been an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality standard and customized IR thermal emitters featuring true blackbody radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime.

The broadband steady state and electrically modulated (pulsable) IR thermal sources supplied by HawkEye Technologies produce a broad spectrum of IR light from 1 to 20 ┬Ám (mid-infrared) depending upon the operating temperature of the device. Our engineering team works directly with the customer to develop IR sources and optic solutions customized to meet your specific needs.  HawkEye has developed a proprietary line of reflectors to maximize the performance of the emitters and offers a variety of windows to achieve the desired effect.

We have a proven track record in working together with our customers on design and assembly of infrared arrays used as IR beacons.

As an industry leader HawkEye has established a reputation for quality and reliability with national and international customers. Our customers have successfully used HawkEye products in many industrial applications utilizing various spectroscopy (FTIR) measurement methods, including attenuated total reflectance (ATR), photo acoustic infrared spectroscopy (PAS) or non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR):

  • Medical (CO2 / other gases monitoring, breath /vapor analyzing)
  • Military / Law Enforcement (TSR, UAV, CID, IFF, TTL)
  • Automotive / Transportation (breath alcohol testing / exhaust monitoring)
  • Aerospace (calibration systems, image sensing)
  • HVAC (demand controlled ventilation, refrigerant monitoring)
  • Safety  / Industrial / Environment Control (combustion gas analyzers, gas detection, air pollution)

HawkEye can be your source for infrared. View the Source Selection page and choose the emitter for your application.

If you have specific requests, we will create and customize the design to meet the requirements of your company.

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